About Go Padel

About Go Padel

Go Padel is a mobile application that connects the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) padel community by offering a platform for players to book padel courts across the UAE. Go Padel has an integrated scheduling and booking system with a large number of padel courts in the UAE, allowing padel players to search for available courts and book at their desired time and location through the app, all within minutes. The app offers a simple and easy solution for both players and padel court providers by optimizing the searching and booking processes. Resulting in players finding available courts when and where they want, and padel court providers filling up their courts with paying customers. The app will soon have an update where padel players can create personal profiles and will be able to form teams and play matches with other players in the UAE.

Go Padel Community

With the growing padel community in the United Arab Emirates, and in efforts to create a strong and lasting padel community, the Go Padel application aims to make the searching and booking of courts fast and easy, so players can focus on the game. Recently in the UAE, there has been a substantial increase in padel courts and padel players. With the growing padel community, the Go Padel app will be a key role in providing players an easy booking platform and offering padel court providers a platform to promote their courts. Go Padel also provides athletic sponsorship to padel players in the UAE, in efforts to create a compretitve and supportive padel community

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